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Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Discover the joy of learning!

EDXCHICO, a new Chico State tradition!

The campus community comes together to share a common love of higher education and sharing knowledge at EDXCHICO! Our exceptional faculty from a wide range of fields and disciplines give short presentations demonstrating why they are so passionate about their areas of expertise. In turn, their enthusiasm inspires all who attend about the wonders of what academia can bring!

We hope you'll join us at EDXCHICO, where our mission is to get everyone excited about new disciplines and topics of study available to them at Chico State!

EDXCHICO 2020 will be held Friday, October 9th at 9AM on Zoom. As the date approaches, additional information will be shared about this year's event. 

Past EDXCHICO Events

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The 2019 faculty presenters, AS Senators and Provost Larson stand together to celebrate EDXCHICO
  • 2019

    2019 Event Press Kit

    2019 Presenters

    Open Air Teach In EDXCHICO David Alexander Mechatronics

    Dr. David Alexander
    Department of Mechanical Mechatronic Engineering and Sustainable Manufacturing
    “Cooking with an Engineer”

    Open Air Teach In EDXCHICO Stephanie Bianco Nutrition

    Stephanie Bianco
    Department of Nutrition and Food Science
    “Bringing the Classroom into the Real World”

    Open Air Teach In EDXCHICO Betsy Boyd Agriculture

    Dr. Elizabeth "Betsy" Boyd
    College of Agriculture
    “Let Your Taste Buds Taste Bugs!”

    Open Air Teach In EDXCHICO Brian Brazeal Anthropology

    Dr. Brian Brazeal
    Department of Anthropology
    “Gems, Guns and Drugs: An Illegal Approach to Anthropological Research”

    Open Air Teach In EDXCHICO Jamie Gunderson and Aaron Koch Education

    Drs. Jamie Gunderson and Aaron Koch
    School of Education
    “This is your Brain. This is your Brain on Stress”

    Open Air Teach In EDXCHICO Tim Heinze Finance and Marketing

    Dr. Timothy Heinze
    Department of Finance and Marketing
    “Saving Society, One Sale at a Time”

    Open Air Teach In EDXCHICO Ayde Enriquez-Loya English

    Dr. Aydé Enríquez-Loya
    Department of English
    “Reclaiming the Horror of La Llorona:
    How Storytelling Practices Create Meaning and Shape Reality”

The 2018 faculty presenters and Provost Larson stand together to celebrate EDXCHICO
  • 2018

    The complete video for the 2018 event can be seen on the CSU, Chico Facebook page(opens in new window). A short highlight video among other promotional information is provided below.

    2018 Event Press Kit

    2018 Presenters

    Open Air Teach In EDX Chico Nicolas Nelson Physics
    Dr. Nicholas Nelson
    Department of Physics
    “Learn How to Love Physics in a Single Hammer Throw”

    Open Air Teach In EDX Chico Nandi Crossby-Jordan Sociology
    Dr. Nandi Crosby-Jordan
    Department of Sociology
    “By the Way, Martin Luther King, Jr. Was a Sociology Major”

    Open Air Teach In EDX Chico Kasey DeAtley, Agriculture
    Dr. Kasey DeAtley
    College of Agriculture
    “Growing Food Requires More Than Just Getting Your Hands Dirty”

    Open Air Teach In EDX Chico Asa Mittman Art & Art History
    Dr. Asa Mittman
    Department of Art & Art History
    “Strange Musings on Medieval Art: Do We Judge Them or Join Them?”

    Open Air Teach In EDX Chico Cawa Tran Biological Science
    Dr. Cawa Tran
    Department of Biological Sciences
    “First-Gen Student, Island Hopper, Coral Reef Rescuer”

    Open Air Teach In EDX Chico Pablo Cornejo Civil Engineering
    Dr. Pablo Cornejo
    Department of Civil Engineering
    “The Intersection Between Hip Hop and Sustainable Engineering”

    Open Air Teach In EDX Chico Stephen Caldes Jornalism & Public Relations
    Drs. Jennifer Malkowski and Stephen Caldes
    Departments of Communication Studies
    and Journalism & Public Relations
    “Unleashing Your Super Power, Your Own Voice”

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