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Fiscal and physical resources are effectively aligned with institutional purposes and educational objectives, and are sufficiently developed to support and maintain the level and kind of educational programs offered both now and for the foreseeable future.

CSU, Chico builds its resource base on a four-pillar platform of state support, fair student fees, private support, and effective and wise stewardship of all our resources.

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The 2005 CSU, Chico Master Plan provides principles and guidelines for the physical development of the 119 acre main campus and the 800 acre University Farm so that CSU, Chico can both build upon and sustain its distinctive strengths into the 21st Century. The Master Plan also communicates the campus values of commitment to environmental sensitivity and respect and to sustainable building and living practices.

Written Material
  • The official CSU, Chico Space and Facilities Data Base, AASPACE, as well as other views of the campus inventory of space and facilities
  • A 1-, 3-, 5- and 20-Year Enrollment and Facilities Master Plan (Chancellor's Office/CPDC College and Department Enrollment and Capital Development Master Plan -- Entitlement Analysis and Projections)
  • CPDC is a set of CSU charts and tables, and includes current and year by year projections of enrollment versus physical capacity, academic year, and calendar year FTES capacity, on a college and department basis. It provides a project by project timeline for major capital projects, their program, and effect upon space entitlement for each category of space, per State, CSU Trustees, and SUAM standards. 
  • The CSU System  Averaged Scheduled Utilization by Campus for lecture and laboratory facilities. This is an annual published report available in the Office of Facilities Planning, and may be made available on-line through the CSU Chancellor's Office System It compares all CSU campuses. May 2003 report, page 25 for fall 2000.
  • An annual analysis, Classroom size facts, of actual enrollment on a section size frequency basis, compared to lecture room actual physical capacity is provided in the Campus Data Store.
  • An annual analysis, Facilities Utilization by College and Room, of how well each college uses the lecture and laboratory rooms assigned to them, both by day and time and SOH, is provided in the Campus Data Store.
  • The CSU Accountability Process and Reports
  • A Strategic Plan for the CSU Libraries, June 2000.
  • Library and Instructional Technology space are evaluated annually in terms of entitlement versus actual space capacity by category.
  • A new report of hours of Non-instructional Use of Campus Facilities will be developed and placed in the Campus Data Store. [in progress]. It will report by appropriate categories the average hours per week and hours per semester our campus facilities are scheduled for such use.