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Division of Business & Finance

Parking Changes

Announced on: Monday, Aug. 26, 2019

We have been working to strategically address the diverse parking needs of our campus community, better serve those experiencing parking challenges, and maximize our available space. In response, the following changes affecting permit types Faculty/Staff (FS), General (G), Reserve (R1, R2, R3), and Residential Housing (B) took effect on August 23, 2019:

Parking Structure 1
In the parking structure at Cherry and First Streets, the ramp between the first and second floors (formerly FS/G) became R2

Parking Structure 2
In the parking structure at Chestnut and Second Streets, the ramp between the second and third floors (formerly R1) became FS/G

Hazel Street Lot
All spaces (formerly mixture of R1 and FS/G) became R1

University Stadium
The parking facing the south side of Esken Hall in the University Stadium lot (formerly B spaces) became FS/G

College Park (between the Student Health Center and West Sacramento Avenue)
New temporary gravel lots were added to the existing lots in the former College Park neighborhood that are a mix of R3 and B spaces

With these changes, an additional 250 spaces became available. The re-designation of certain parking areas and temporary added parking capacity allows the campus to meet permit waitlist demands and decrease parking congestion.

New signage is posted in lots across campus to assist students, faculty, staff, and visitors in knowing what spaces are available and what restrictions exist. We thank you for your cooperation. The online parking map is updated to reflect these changes.

We continue to review requests from the campus community and explore additional parking opportunities. We hope to have more updates soon.