WASC Accreditation

Standard 1

Defining Institutional Purposes and Ensuring Educational Objectives

The institution defines its purposes and establishes educational objectives aligned with those purposes. The institution has a clear and explicit sense of its essential values and character, its distinctive elements, its place in both the higher education community and society, and its contribution to the public good. It functions with integrity, transparency, and autonomy.


1.1 The institution’s formally approved statements of purpose are appropriate for an institution of higher education and clearly define its essential values and character and ways in which it contributes to the public good.

Our CSU, Chico Traditions page presents the university's rich history and traditions that date back more than a century, including our relationship with the Mechoopda people and the City of Chico.

1.2.1 Educational objectives are widely recognized throughout the institution, are consistent with stated purposes, and are demonstrably achieved.

Our University Catalog is an annual publication that provides information on University policies, courses, and degree requirements for academic programs in our seven colleges.

In addition to department- and college-level curriculum oversight committees, the Educational Policies & Programs Committee (EPPC) of the Academic Senate is charged with additional oversight of undergraduate programs. Our Graduate Council provides additional oversight of graduate programs.

1.2.2 The institution regularly generates, evaluates, and makes public data about student achievement, including measures of retention and graduation, and evidence of student learning.

Campus authentication required:


1.3.1 The institution publicly states its commitment to academic freedom for faculty, staff, and students, and acts accordingly.

1.3.2 The institution's commitment to academic freedom affirms that those in the academy are free to share their convictions and responsible conclusions with their colleagues and students in their teaching and writing.

1.5 Even when supported by or affiliated with governmental, corporate, or religious organizations, the institution has education as its primary purpose and operates as an academic institution with appropriate autonomy.

1.6.1 The institution truthfully represents its academic goals, programs, services, and costs to students and to the larger public.

As described under CFR 1.2, our University Catalog is the most comprehensive source of information on academic programs and policies of relevance to students. 

1.6.2 The institution demonstrates that its academic programs can be completed in a timely fashion.

Information on retention, time-to-degree, and so forth, are published annually in the Common Data Set (CDS).

1.6.3 The institution treats students fairly and equitably through established policies and procedures addressing student conduct, grievances, human subjects in research, disability, and financial matters, including refunds and financial aid.

The Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) and the Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS) provide academic resources to students and employees with disabilities. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (DIVR) promotes an inclusive and welcoming environment on campus where students, faculty, and staff can succeed and thrive.

1.7.1 The institution exhibits integrity and transparency in its operations, as demonstrated by the adoption and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures, sound business practices, timely and fair responses to complaints and grievances, and regular evaluation of its performance in these areas.

1.7.2 The institution’s finances are regularly audited by qualified independent auditors.

1.8 The institution is committed to honest and open communication with the Accrediting Commission; to undertaking the accreditation review process with seriousness and candor; to informing the Commission promptly of any matter that could materially affect the accreditation status of the institution; and to abiding by Commission policies and procedures, including all substantive change policies.

We routinely submit our Annual Report and comply with all WASC policies.

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