WASC Accreditation

WASC Accreditation Process

Three Core Commitments and four Standards of Accreditation provide the foundation for institutional reviews and actions. The Core Commitments express the values underlying WASC accreditation, while the Standards build upon the Core Commitments, articulating broad principles of good practice. The Standards are explicated by the Criteria for Review (CFR), and the CFRs in turn are supported by Guidelines and Commission Policies. Together, these elements provide the basis for institutional review and at the same time assure quality and integrity.

WASC Accreditation Process Milestones
September 25, 2018Institutional Report due
December 4, 2018Offsite Review, 3-3:45pm teleconference
March 5-7, 2019Accreditation Visit

Team Roster

Barbara SawreyCHAIR
Barbara Sawrey 
Former AVC Academic Affairs &
Dean of Undergrad Education
UC San Diego

Jennifer Summit 
Provost/VP Academic Affairs
San Francisco State

Robin GarrellMEMBER
Robin Garrell
Vice Provost for Grad Educ &
Dean of Graduate Division
UC Los Angeles

Danielle ManningMEMBER
Danielle Manning
VP Administrative Affairs &
Chief Financial Officer
Cal Poly, Pomona

Mary PedersenMEMBER
Mary Pedersen
Sr Vice Provost for Academic
Programs and Planning
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Jeff HamrickMEMBER
Jeff Hamrick 
Vice Provost for Institutional Budget
and Planning & Analytics
University of San Francisco