WASC Accreditation

WASC Portfolio Olympics

Willie the Wildcat

April 30, 2018

TO: Campus Community
FROM: Debra S. Larson, Provost

I am pleased to share the update below regarding our WASC reaccreditation process. Thank you for the hard work you all are putting into preparing your program portfolios and other materials. With efforts like those noted below, we will be crossing the reaccreditation finish line in no time!

Chico, California — It’s been a race for the gold in recent weeks, with colleges at Chico State competing neck and neck for top honors and boasting rights in the WASC Portfolio Olympics.

With the University’s push for reaccreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges(opens in new window), individuals across campus are showcasing their top talent and dedication as they produce a whopping 848 program portfolio components. These nuanced and highly critical documents showcase how individual programs are addressing student learning and success, the quality of our educational offerings, our improvements since the last accreditation, and our institutional integrity, sustainability, and accountability. 

Unofficial opening ceremonies were held at the start of the semester, with a declaration by President Gayle Hutchinson that, “Together, we WASC.” For equity in the Olympic process, the colleges were divided into size-appropriate categories: large, medium, and small. 

In the large college division, better known as “lots of departments” division, Humanities and Fine Arts flexed its creative muscle, making an early lunge for the lead, and ultimately landing a gold medal. Behavioral and Social Sciences and Natural Sciences are presently passing hand-over-hand with silver and bronze just within their relay reach.

In the medium college division, Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management and Communication and Education battled it out to the very end. This was no amateur effort, leaping over hurdles and a lot of heavy lifting until ECC slid its last components through cyberspace mere hours before CME. CME was told, off the record and off the racetrack, that it could petition for review. After careful reexamination of the race, the WASC Committee reconsidered and ruled a tie for same-day completion—two for the win! 

“We’d like to thank the WASC Olympic Committee for their reconsideration of this important matter. We understand that competitions such as this can be won or lost often in a matter of seconds. Their decision to reevaluate the unit of measure was both generous and fair. We happily return the silver and accept our rightful tie for the gold!” exclaimed CME Associate Dean Debbie Summers.

Last, but certainly not least, in the small college division, the College of Business bested the College of Agriculture, leather loafers leaping across the finish line just inches ahead of the bull-skin boots, to take gold. 

“I’d like to thank my family, our coach—Kelsey Horne, and all the other people that have contributed to our gold. This is by far the finest moment of my life. I am crippled with emotions and, and, and, just can’t say enough about how hard we worked for this moment,” gushed Kenneth Chapman, interim dean for the College of Business.

“It’s especially fun since we are all on the podium!” added Horne, an administrative support coordinator.

While the greatest and grandest awards have already been bestowed, recognition is still available to those striving to cross the finish line. Just 16 portfolio components are still outstanding…

“It was a marathon effort,” said Provost Debra Larson. “One of the best portfolio performances in collegiate history, I dare say. And as a result, we are all winners when it comes to WASC.”

What a team. What a time. Way to go, Wildcats.

After congratulating the impressive performers, Vice Provost for Academic Programs and Accreditation Liaison Officer, Daniel Grassian, reminded them not to rest on their laurels as their outstanding efforts can be used to continuously improve their programs and to recruit a high-performing group of new students, faculty, and staff. 

“Also,” Grassian stated, “Don’t forget we have yearly World Championships and other Olympian events to come!”