Rodney Nelson

Part of a Daydream

it might have been in Dagestan or
a town on the Rhodope range that
I maybe we saw a woman who
did not look right at me maybe us
when she said or delivered the line

and it might have been in a movie
so I and the we I could make out
were either in a mountain town of
remote southeast Europe or drowsing
at a film made there and unable
to tie her accent to a country

the woman might have had ten children
or none who wore gray now and waited
on cobbles in daylight monotone
and her hard not time-indicted face
reminded us what a man could find
with someone native to anywhere

Ex Cappa

you heard a trundle
      or a thunder
above you and no one ran out of
or to the room in joy or panic
and no one approached the bassinet

            it could have been
an air flotilla
or the weather or a bed on wheels
above the ceiling

      you heard a pop
and no one ran from or to the yard
in glee or shock or moved the buggy

            it could have been
a gun or weasel
in that day of unknown yard and room
so you would have to match a thunder
      a trundle with
the roll of each to
act on the meanings

            you would have to
find weather in a ceiling of cloud
or cælo and disconnect what popped
from rev and an equivocator
      before you could
run out of the room
and the yard on your own escapade

Author Portrait

Rodney Nelson has worked as a copy editor in the Southwest and now lives in the northern Great Plains. Recently, his poem "One Winter" won a Poetry Kit Award for 2011 (U.K.); it had appeared in Symmetry Pebbles. His "Upstream in Idaho" received a Best of Issue Award at the late Neon Beam (also England). Nelson's chapbook of prose narratives, Hill of Better Sleep, is coming out this month from Red Bird Chapbooks. Mogollon Picnic, poems (Red Dashboard), is already in print; and the poetry ebook Nodding in Time (A Kind of Hurricane Press) is forthcoming. See his page in the Poets & Writers directory:

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