Elizabyth A. Hiscox

One Argument for Maple and Pine-lined over Marble

statuary throwing stay out onto garden paths.
           Itself never getting between begins and ends. At there. At least.
                     While the whole of living claims a way up as October begins,

wants an enough. Wants an or: an option to make crèches
           in which to rest the sick on brightly fallen leaves.
                     The option to adopt the consequential stubbornness

of earthworms that never need to right themselves:
           the whole of living secure in forward. And the plea
                     this too shall pass. Even old Ouroboros eating

its own tail is a way up: if only to connect, make lovely
           through-lines, links like the fans on the cone to the tree
                     that casts it out to cut the stays of death, to between

itself. Like the worm that through the valley of
           the eye of the needle will pass, through me,
                     through The Kingdom of phylum, class, order, family…

Elizabyth A. Hiscox is the author of the chapbook Inventory from a One-Hour Room (Finishing Line Press), and her poetry has appeared in journals such as The Fiddlehead, Gargoyle, Gulf Coast, and Hayden’s Ferry Review. She holds an MFA from Arizona State University and is currently completing a P.h.D. at Western Michigan University where she has served as Poetry Editor for Third Coast and Layout Editor at New Issues Poetry & Prose Press.