Most of this issue’s creative nonfiction is organized by a consciousness of time, both the units by which it passes and how it returns. Joanne Allred’s inquiry and restless meditation on silence blends poetry with prose, yearning toward an understanding of the ways quiet holds power. Another poet and essayist, Ted Lardner, offers us “Big Bay House,” an episodic travelogue of sorts, taking us through the conditions of weather, water and family dynamics on a brief coastal trip. Christine Hale writes an account of her 30-day retreat in the Catskills where she discovers unexpected beauty and respite in her extended interior exploration. The twelve-part movement, “A Dream of Clean Sheets,” by Felix Kent, allows the reader into a brutally honest depiction of a life with all its grace and disappointment. Every piece in this collection of essays moved us. We invite you to sit, stay for a moment and find out for yourself.