Brandon Brook Michalik

Flight Pattern

When the feather lands on the pond, it crinkles at the edges,
turns under, but it still appears
light against layers of algae strung across the surface.

Their textures are similar,
thread upon thread of tissue connecting the living to the living,
collapsing into a cosmic chain of echoes—
call and response,
a band of galaxies stretched beyond the limits of the eye.

But the feather, detached from its original source,
is a fibrous bending to the whims of flow,
tides pulling toward wherever water wants to be.

Which isn’t far or forever, but seasonal,
a sense of time I can live with
easier than that of geology or the universe.

Short, winged moment inside my chest.

Author Portrait

Brandon Brook Michalik is originally from Richmond, Virginia, but has lived for the past two decades in the Phoenix metropolitan area. She is an instructor in the English Department at Arizona State University and an occasional freelance editor. She earned an MFA in poetry from Arizona State University in 2007. Her work is forthcoming in Superstition Review.