This issue’s poetry is chock-full of invention and re-imagining. Neesa Sonoquie writes, “I am a pilot whale, I am a white chair, / in the plastic box of sewing needles, I am every one,” in her poem, “At Thirty-Seven, In Bed.” Transformation abounds in this collection, from Kolleen Carney’s historical interpretation in “Hangman’s Daughter” to Heather Altfeld’s investigation of a culture-shaping invention in, “Henry Ford’s Dream.” Here, you will find poets interrogating the commonplace (“Auto Inspection” by Allyson Boggess and “First Date” by Kelly Nelson) and obsessing an idea until it breaks open into something new, as in, “CATCALL #27” by Michelle S. Reed. Our poetry editors have worked hard to cull this stellar group of poems and we’re thrilled to share them with you.