Michelle S. Reed


Slow down baby, slow down baby, you look so good from behind, baby slow down, please slow down baby, damn, he said, and I slowed down. I slowed all the way down. I lay down there in the street. I stayed still so he could see all of me in the way he wanted to see it. Damn baby, he said, and he took me in his arms. Damn baby, he said, and he kissed me just to see what I felt like. He traced the outline of my legs. He found the shape of what he owned. Damn baby, he said, and he married me right there. He made children with me. I stayed still. Damn baby, he said. Our daughters filled the street. Their legs, their mouths, their gentle hands.  They grew tall. I watched them walk away from me. They watched me watch them walk away. Their father watched us watching each other, all of us learning what our bodies can do.

Author Portrait

Michelle S. Reed is a Michigan native working as a freelance writer and editor in Chicago. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Split Lip Magazine, Bird's Thumb, and Prick of the Spindle. She earned her MA in English from Bucknell University last spring. She is the founder and editor of Pink Slayer, an online feminist magazine.

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