Bob Garner

comfort food

are these real chocolate
across the broken bell?
whose cream-filled cheeks have fluttered
to the song?

long gone
is missus nichols' 5 cent prize
for mail delivery,
the hostess rack at dewey's
                                             little squeeze.

oh please, i'm yours, unwrapped and ready.

                     hurry now,
                     we'll disappear


like an upside down
question mark,
                      dot over jig i row

over the hook of river
to the groan.

over the deadly
ding-dong ditty's
                         disconnected bark

into the swindled heart beat
of a poem.

Author Portrait

Bob Garner is a retired assembly line and foundry worker, bookseller, songwriter, poet and visual artist. He studied art and art history at Chouinard Art Institute, Los Angeles and Lake Tahoe Community College, and art and creative writing at CSU, Chico, where he received a BA in Art in 1992. Bob has had poems and prose published in a variety of journals including Watershed Review, Painted Hills Review, Contrapposto, Brevities, California Quarterly, CNR, Re: Home and, most recently, Travelogue for Two: Poems by Sanford and Friends, an anthology (QuickBooks Press, 2014).