Meet Our Editors

Sarah Pape

Sarah Pape teaches English and works as the Managing Editor of Watershed Review at Chico State. Her poetry and prose has recently been published in: Passages NorthEcotone, Crab Orchard Review, The Pinch, The Nervous Breakdown, decomP, The Collapsar, Pilgrimage, Prick of the Spindle, The Squaw Valley Review, The Superstition Review, and Hayden’s Ferry Review. She curates community literary programming through the 1078 Gallery and is a member of the Quoin Collective, a local letterpress group.

Gina Hiner

Student Fiction Editor-in-Chief, Gina Hiner currently attends Chico State pursuing a degree in English Literature with a minor in creative writing. Working with Watershed Review has revealed a love for editing she continues to explore. When not writing or editing she serves up sundaes at the local ice cream shop down the street.

Nathan Sandoval

Student Nonfiction Editor-in-Chief, Nathan Sandoval is a master’s candidate at California State University, Chico. His work in poetry and creative nonfiction is much like his pompadour, over inflated with time and patience, yet underappreciated by many who surround him. He has recently been published in the Northern California Parent Magazine for his expertise in coaching rowing. Writing and teaching have given him several opportunities in the community, and he wishes to help others utilize language for their own goals and aspirations.

Matthew Skripek

Web Editor & Student Poetry Editor-in-Chief, Matthew Skripek is a native of Northern California where he lives with his partner, Shelby, and a long-haired, bitey cat, Cosmo. He writes aberrant poetry and passable prose. His free time is spent reading, running, hiking, playing guitar, and feeding a ravenous obsession with heavy metal. He is currently pursuing an MA in English with an emphasis in creative writing at CSU, Chico.

Jason Deane

Jason Deane is a graduate student at CSU, Chico working on an MA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing, and has completed graduate certificates in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Teaching College-Level Writing. As an undergraduate he double majored in Religious Studies and Asian Studies and completed an honors thesis on Tibetan Buddhism. He spent three semesters studying abroad in Italy, England, and India, and spent a year teaching English in Thailand. His preferred drinks are tea and whiskey, and he can occasionally be spotted giving tarot card readings, walking hand in hand with his partner, Gretchen, or hunting through thrift shops for vintage video games, books, and cast iron.

Juan DeLaTorre

Juan DeLaTorre, an English studies major, is completing his last year at Chico State University, Chico. He helps his family run a small Mexican restaurant in Gridley, California. In his free time, he enjoys two out of the three R’s, reading and writing. He is currently working on a collection of original fairytales and hopes to one day share them with the world.

Christopher Dessaussois

Christopher Dessaussois is a student at California State University, Chico, graduating in May of 2016. He has aspirations to pursue a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature. Originally from the San Francisco area, he has travelled to the United Kingdom, France, and Ireland. He has found a love of noir, fantasy, and creative non-fiction that place an emphasis on the role of human consciousness. His appetite for literature is only matched by his joy at cooking, learning languages, and painting.

Eric Dunk

Eric Dunk was born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA. Eric is 6’6’’ and plays basketball regularly, leading many of his friends to call him by his last name. Eric just successfully finished running a half-marathon, but now believes running long distances is potentially harmful to the knees. He writes predominantly lyric poetry, and also writes social and moral philosophy in an attempt to understand the world. He has mostly given up writing fiction.

James Howard

James Howard lives in Northern California with his wife and two sons. He is currently pursuing a BA in English Studies at California State University, Chico. James writes poetry and lyrics, tending toward the abstract, emotional, and occasionally humorous, and is inspired by a variety of muses including nature, human nature, love, music, and philosophy. James is partial to evenings of philosophical discussion over a drink or five.

Jania Johnson

Jania Johnson (Gryffindor) is currently finishing up her Bachelor's in English Literature at California State University, Chico. When not losing herself in some alternative reality or writing her way into one, she enjoys spending time outside with her elderly dog Hoosier or planning her next traveling adventure.

Kelsey King

Kelsey King was born and raised in Chico, California. She hopes to have a farm someday and is an advocate for sustainability and healthy eating. Currently, she tutors English at an after school program with K­12 students and is finishing her B.A. in English Education. In her spare time, she can be found writing, doing home improvement, or working in the yard. She is frequently found rearranging the furniture in her house, locating the things her husband has lost, or napping with her dogs and cats.

Nathan Lehmann

Nathan Lehmann writes poetry and loves cats. He plays the lead sax position in his university’s big band and is a practicing classical piano player. He doesn’t have a favorite cat breed but if asked would choose between the Russian Blue and Siamese.

Javier Lopez

Javier A. Lopez is originally from Sutter, California, the host town to the smallest volcanic mountain range in the world, the Sutter Buttes. He currently resides in Chico, California, finishing his bachelor’s degree in English Studies at California State University, Chico. His free time is spent writing poetry and screenplays, watching films, reading, hiking, bike riding, and listening to never-ending cycles of 50s-90s hits while still feeding his addiction to many types of heavy metal all around the world. Rock & write on!

Louis Melton

Louis Melton is a Northern California replant with Southern California roots. He resides in Oroville, California, in the community of Kelley Ridge with his wife of 33 years, Karen, their three dogs, two birds, and a ferret named Rodney. He is currently a senior and will continue graduate studies at Chico State in the Fall of 2016. His short story “Rice and Beans” was recently published in Butte Community College’s literary magazine.

A.M. Rhine

A.M. Rhine traded the blue waters of California’s Central Coast for the green landscapes of its Central Valley in order to attend California State University, Chico. Currently, she’s earning an MA in English with a creative writing emphasis, and editing for Watershed Review in addition to freelance work. In the past, she was the Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor for The Orion, a stringer for Chico Enterprise-Record, and a court researcher for Courthouse News Service. She enjoys writing diversely, but feels her true calling is translating the weirdness inside her head into fiction and creative nonfiction.

Julie Ricks

Julie Ricks has spent her life searching for meaning between the covers of books and through her own writing. She is currently a graduate student in English with an emphasis in creative writing at CSU, Chico. As an undergraduate, she interned at Previously, she was a managing editor for Lucky Bat Books producing over twenty books. She now freelances as an editor and writer, and is interested in traditional, indie, and self-publishing in both print and e-book platforms. She is trying to reconcile herself to a world without David Bowie.

Cameron Rockwell

Cameron Rockwell is a part-time usher at a historic movie palace in Oakland, California. If able to avoid implosion, he will be partaking in commencement ceremonies at the California State University, Chico. Assuming he makes it across the stage in one piece he will earn the right to brag about holding a bachelor's degree in English Literature and managing to destroy his liver at a world-record pace. After graduation, he plans to scribe prophetic messages into bathroom-stall walls. In his free time, Cameron trains dancing bears for the circus.

Luke Scholl

Luke Scholl grew up in a working class family in Davis, California, surrounded by families who vacationed in Hawaii every summer. Luke has still never been. He is a graduate student at Chico State University earning an MA in English with a focus in creative writing. He received his BA in English Studies from Chico State in 2015. When he is not writing Luke enjoys playing video games, drawing, and other activities that help him avoid human interaction.

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith is pursuing a BA in English Studies at California State University, Chico. In addition to working as a fiction editor for Watershed Review, she is a social media intern at Associated Environmental Professionals Monterey Chapter and an intermittent backpacker. Her experience as an identical twin has led her to investigate identity through writing.

H.A. Stogsdill

Heather Stogsdill was born and raised among the buttes of Northern California in the small city of Oroville. At seventeen, Heather enlisted into the Army National Guard and was honorably discharged two years later. She used part of her G.I. Bill fund to attend Butte Community College in her hometown, where she completed two Associate’s degrees. She then transferred to California State University, Chico as a double major in Nursing and English Literature. She is currently still attending Chico State as an undergraduate and hopes to eventually earn entry into their Master’s program for her graduate studies in English.

Phone Vang

Phone Vang is currently a senior and a full-time student at CSU, Chico pursuing his undergraduate in English Studies with a minor in Creative Writing. His main writing interest is poetry with hopes of being published someday.