Meet Our Editors

Sarah Pape

Sarah Pape teaches English and works as the Managing Editor of Watershed Review at Chico State. Her poetry and prose has recently been published or is forthcoming in: New England Review, Passages North, Ecotone, Crab Orchard Review, Bluestem, The Pinch, Smartish Pace, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and others. Her chapbook, Ruination Atlas, was published this year (dancing girl press). She curates community literary programming and is a member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. 

Heather Stogsdill

Web Editor, Heather Stogsdill was born and raised among the buttes of Northern California in the small city of Oroville. At seventeen, Heather enlisted into the Army National Guard and was honorably discharged two years later. She then completed two Associate’s degrees at Butte Community College in her hometown. Heather currently attends California State University, Chico as a double major in Nursing and English Literature/Studies. She has been the web-editor for Watershed Review for the past year, and has had the recent privilege of helping to create their upcoming anthology. Heather hopes to eventually enter the Master’s program at Chico State for her graduate studies in English.


Prose Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Couch is an undergraduate student in his final year at California State University Chico, currently serving as an editor for their literary magazine the Watershed Review. After he finishes his degree in English, he plans to attend law school. He is an unpublished writer, whose book shelf has long-since been full.


Poetry Editor-in-Chief Keaton Kirkpatrick is a research assistant studying embedded mentorship in first-year writing courses, a former writing mentor, and a graduate student at CSU, Chico. He plans to earn his MA in the English Language and Literacy Pattern in 2019 and go on to pursue his Ph.D. with hopes to teach English courses at a 4-year university. He has yet to publish his poetry, but frequently writes for classes and pleasure in hopes of sharing cinematic poems that inspire and entertain.


Ian Allen was raised in an isolated, back-of-the-backwoods section of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in a twist of geological fate that probably accounts for his somewhat unorthodox imagination and style. Having been a student peace ambassador to Australia and New Zealand, a presenter at a handful of creative writing conferences, and an editor of a few score novels, it’s becoming apparent that he’s able to hide his odd quirks very well. When he’s not mashing cowboys, cyborgs, and dragon models together in attempts to squeeze out creative inspiration, he’s lifting heavy objects to justify his “World’s Strongest Librarian” title. Also, he likes cats.


Savannah Anderson is an undergraduate at CSU, Chico, pursuing a degree in English Education. She lived in a small, agricultural town in Northern California for most of her childhood, where she worked as an English tutor at her local community college. Savannah dedicates much of her time to helping students of all ages and grade levels progress in their writing and reading—and has found her passion in life doing so. She loves writing and learning more about the writing process, particularly in the nonfiction, prose, and argumentative genres. Savannah has also travelled to Europe to visit family members in the Scottish highlands, is a proud owner of a rabbit named “Bunny,” and aspires to visit several waterfalls around the world in her lifetime.


Noah Denney is a student at CSU, Chico, working on his BA in communication studies with a minor in creative writing. He works as a poetry editor for Watershed Review, and as a gourmet candy-maker.


Sam Dickenson was born in Huntington Beach, California. He started writing at a young age by creating stories of himself in the Star Wars universe. He is currently studying English at CSU, Chico, to learn more about writing. With further guidance and experience down the road, he hopes to publish a book one day.


Joel Hall is a 23-year-old undergraduate student studying English Literature at Chico State. He recently had two poems published for the first time in Humble Pie literary magazine. He enjoys backpacking, although at times shows promise as a professional couch potato. In his free time he is teaching himself how to play the guitar and looking for a new favorite song.


Keshawn Johnson is a 23-year-old student at CSU Chico, working towards his BA in English Studies. He plans on attending a Masters program following his graduation in the spring. He is currently serving as an editor for the literary magazine, Watershed Review. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking.


DeVanee Love is fiction writer who will graduate in the spring with a degree in Media Arts Design and Technology with a minor in Creative Writing. She has won two awards for her poetry, and her play Dead Week debuted recently at the Blue Room in Chico, California. Her passion is screenwriting and she hopes to one day flourish in that field. Until then she is writing her first novel.


Emily Michael is an undergraduate at Chico State who will be graduating December 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies. She has been lucky enough to intern at Chico State’s newspaper, The Orion, as well as the campus literary magazine, Watershed Review. Having studied and traveled abroad, her goal is to work in subsidiary rights for a publishing company. She strives to make connections with different countries and cultures through books and literature.


Maritza Mora is a Chico State senior closing in on a BA in English Literature and a few scraggly minors. Originally hailing from East Los Angeles, she is currently working on translation of a book for the nonprofit, bilingual publisher Cubanabooks Press. Maritza works with the department of Multicultural and Gender Studies on her campus and hopes to shed light on diversity issues, inclusivity, and mental health education. Writing, for her, began as a young child’s escapism and grew, as all natural things grow, into a new way in which to view and reframe the world.


Carmel Pedretti is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in English Studies with a minor in Business Administration at CSU, Chico. She was an editor for her high school literary magazine, Seven-Eighths Underwater, and participated in their annual poetry performance twice. Carmel hopes to work in editing and publishing once she relocates to Ames, Iowa. She has worked at Tres Hombres Mexican Bar and Grill for a third of her life, which consequently has left everything she owns with the vague scent of chips and salsa.


Ana Vieyra is an American poet, editor, and English Studies student at California State University, Chico. She edits poetry for the campus literary magazine Watershed Review. A daughter of two immigrants, she often writes lyrical poems about the emotional struggle of reconciling with ourselves, each other, and our cultures. Currently, she is a Study Abroad Peer Advisor for Asia with hopes for a future in international environmental policy. While born and raised in Northern California, she has a passion for living and studying abroad in places such as Mexico and Thailand.


William Pfaff is a full-time pizza chef, full-time queer, and on select days, a full-time undergraduate student at Chico State. Southern California is where they were born, in the dry, yet breathtaking, landscape of the high desert. They aspire to put a mirror up to society with their writing, to help make a social change within a creative field. Being an artist is the most important thing to them above all else; to always be in pursuit of refining and tuning their work to truly be the best writer and artist that this world could allow.


Tiffany Seaver is a 22-year-old undergraduate student at Chico State pursuing her degree in English education. She plans to enter the credential program and teach high school English. She is currently serving as an editor for the literary magazine, Watershed Review. In her limited free time, she can be found surrounded by nature with a dog-eared book in hand.


Jennifer Smith is a graduate student at California State University, Chico. She majors in creative writing and is working on finishing her Master’s degree. She shares her home with two furry serial killers (called “cats”) and numerous books.


Joshua Staton is an undergraduate at CSU, Chico. He is on the track to earn a Bachelor's in English Studies with a TESOL certification to teach English in Japan. He will have a double minor in Creative Writing and Japanese. He is an editor for Watershed Review and a copy editor for The Orion. He lives in Chico with his girlfriend and their 19-year-old cat, Mama Cass. Outside of writing, he enjoys cooking and spending too much time on the computer.


Benjamin Vandersluis will graduate from California State University, Chico, in Fall 2017 with a Bachelor’s in English and a minor in Religion. He worked in the commercial book industry for three years and hopes to pursue a career in editing and publishing. When he is not writing poetry or short fiction, he is standing ankle-deep in a rice field, or plotting the demise of his ’99 Saturn.