Roger Salucci

Acrylic on Canvas

  • Nuit sans Fin 3242 ok
  • Village Perché
  • Promenade Romantique
  • Un Matin Serein
  • Flamboyant Eternel
  • Parfoiscielmer et Terre se Confondent
  • Ciel Incertain
  • Aujourd'hui la Péche Sera Bonne
Artist Portrait

Born on April 22, 1942 in Provence, France, Roger Salucci attended the Beaux-Arts School. His caricatures appeared in newspapers while he was a journalist, card n° 34672. When he was an artistic director, his work was exhibited in the 1970 Autumn Salon, Paris (winner). Then he worked for French television, and he exhibited several times in Paris. Later in Buenos-Aires, he exhibited his paintings. After, he exhibited in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Los Angeles, worked as an illustrator for magazines, and continued to show his works. While teaching art in Quito, he exhibited and painted five frescoes at Inticucho church. His latest exhibitions took place in Paris, Miami, London (London Art Biennale 2015, prize winner) and Florence art biennale 2015. He maintains his studio in Paris. (Photograph by Arnaud Chambon)

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