Wildcat Computing Support

Follett Discover

What is Follett Discover?

Follett Discover is an online tool found within Blackboard(opens in new window) to help students find and acquire their course materials.



  • How to access Follett Discover?

    From your blackboard homepage, scroll down until you see the "Launch Follett".

    Blackboard follett button
  • How to Use Follett Discover?

    In Follett discover you will see the following homepage.

    Follett homepage
  • Changing Your course term in Follett

    Your course term can be changed from the following dropdown on the Follett Discover homepage.

    Follett choosing your course term
  • Purchasing materials in Follett

    Pressing the “Purchase All Materials” button will lead you to the following page in the wildcat store where you can see and purchase your materials.

    Purchasing materials in Follett

    From this wildcat store purchase materials page you can also print a list of your course materials using the “Print List” button at the top of the page.

    Wildcat store Follett

  • Viewing Materials list within Follett

    From the Follett Discover homepage clicking the “My Materials List“ tab will bring you to a list of your course materials where you can print, email, or purchase them.

    Follett materials menu

    Follett course materials list

    Follett campus address