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What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is a remote proctoring service that is used with some classes when you take quizzes and exams in Blackboard or Canvas. Proctorio may record your webcam, your screen, or other actions during the exam session and share that information with your instructor.

How do I Access a Proctorio Exam?

1) Launch a supported Internet browser

When you're ready to take a proctored exam, you will need to use one of the supported Internet browsers with the Proctorio extension. If not already installed, please download one of the supported browsers below:

Download Microsoft Edge

Download Google Chrome

Download Opera

Download Brave

2) Install the Proctorio extension

Install the Proctorio browser extension. This process only needs to be done once. The extension will update automatically.

Get the Proctorio extension.

3) Take your exam

Log into Blackboard/Canvas, go to the course for the exam, and start your proctored exam. Best of luck!


Students' Frequently Asked Questions about Proctorio

Following questions.

  • Academic Integrity Policies and Responsibilities
  • What does Proctorio do and not do?
  • What are the requirements for taking a Proctorio exam?
  • What are the computer and browser requirements for use?
  • What happens when I take a Proctorio exam?
  • What information does Proctorio collect?
  • Where can students go to take a Proctorio assessment?
  • Where does a student go to get technical support?
  • Can a student opt-out of Proctorio?
  • What if a student needs an accommodation due to a disability?
  • Who determines if cheating has occurred?
  • Equal access, student rights to privacy and ensuring academic integrity?
  • How is Proctorio Paid For?