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Pronto (Instant Messaging)

What is Pronto?

Pronto is a texting / instant messaging app connected to Bb Learn. Pronto is similar to Discord or Slack, but is integrated through Bb Learn, allowing students and teachers to communicate in a faster, simpler way than traditional methods. If faculty simply turn-on Pronto in their Bb Learn courses, classmates will be able to chat with each other once they have downloaded the app. Pronto also works via a web site for students who don’t have smartphones. All Bb student groups will be able to chat with each other. Faculty can communicate with students directly on their phone this way without sharing phone numbers and bypassing email.

What can Pronto do?

General Pronto Overview video here(opens in new window). This is a good overview for students to see and learn about Pronto.

Features of Pronto include:

  • Instant Chat
  • Video calls/meetings
  • File sharing
  • Real-Time Chat Translation
  • Announcements
  • Groups for projects

Pronto Tutorial Videos

Additional Pronto Resources

  1. Pronto general support articles(opens in new window)
  2. Pronto Bb Learn Support tutorials(opens in new window)