Web Services

Casey Darr, UX Designer

About Casey

Casey graduated with a BA in Communication Design from CSU, Chico in 2009 and is excited to be back at the university as part of the web services team. He brings with him web and graphic design experience from his time at the local FOX affiliate and the organic, gluten free cracker company Mary’s Gone Crackers.

He is always looking for ways to optimize communication through good user-centered design and is happy to hear your questions and feedback. When not at his desk, you might find him enjoying campus during his daily walk or at Peregrine Point disc golf course chasing the perfect round.

Services Offerings and Time Estimates

An overview of services typically completed by Casey Darr.

Page Design

Select photos and send a Word document or Google doc with your page content and we’ll design the mobile version of your page. After gathering your design feedback via email and zoom calls, we’ll turn the edits into an actual web page on our development server. This draft is exactly like the actual page and will show you both the desktop and mobile versions.

We love feedback, so review your draft page and help us make it perfect. Once we get it right and you say the words “approved to go live,” we’ll publish the page to the live server for the world to enjoy.

Estimate Labor: 2-10 hours per page.

Content Clean-Up, Organization, and Usability Review

Goal: Make the site easy to navigate and understand.

Common Tasks

  • Review the website to understand the breadth of content.
  • Discuss organizational and audience goals in order to prioritize content and determine the key objectives of the website.
  • Simplify the main navigation menu by quality testing the site experience and eliminating areas of friction.
  • Trim and optimize high priority pages.
  • Consolidate and remove pages to minimize bloat and redundancy.

Estimate Labor: 2-15 hours.

Site Analytics and Event Tracking

Goal: Leverage data from Google Analytics to influence design, content decisions and gauge success.

Free Services and Deliverables

  • Most popular pages spreadsheet.
  • Site traffic, time on page, and overview of traffic sources.

Google Analytics Event Tracking

  • Add event tracking to your calls to action.
    • For example, track the number of clicks the Apply to Chico State button receives on your page.

Estimate Labor: 30 mins - 2 hours per page for event tracking.

User Research

Dive deeper into understanding your audience by collaborating with Web Services on user research. Brainstorm with us on which questions are worth answering, and we’ll advise on which research methods are best suited for your research goals.

Research Methods We Have Experience With

  • Moderated and unmoderated usability tests.
  • User interviews.
  • Tree testing and card sorting.
  • 5 second visual affordable tests.
  • Surveys.

Estimate Labor: To be determined. 

Our user research service offering is in its early stages of growth. We view collaboration on user research as mutually beneficial since it helps us gain experience, fine tune our craft, and learn more about the students we are hoping to serve.

In a nutshell, that means we are flexible with the cost structure of our user research offering. We may just need your group to help fund the tools and software used to gather the research.

Casey Darr

Email: cdarr@csuchico.edu
Phone: 530-898-6983
Office: MLIB 002