Web Services

Campus Web Exemptions

"Documented non-compliant websites, web applications, and digital content must be delivered in an equally effective alternate format and granted an exemption." — CSU Memorandum AA-2013-03(opens in new window)

Exemption Process

Web Services plans to remediate, unpublish, or archive all the current sites and digital content within the www.csuchico.edu domain by 2020 in conjunction with the 3.0 migration process. Legacy web pages and digital content (as identified by Web Services) were exempted from the initial stages of the migration process but addressed in 2019.

Alternate Formats

Content owners of exempted pages must be prepared to offer readers an equally effective alternative method for obtaining information and include a mechanism for requesting this information.

Request an Exemption

To request an exemption for known inaccessible web content in the www.csuchico.edu domain, contact Web Services via email at webservices@csuchico.edu or submit an Other Accessible Content Issue(opens in new window) ticket.

Campus Web Accessibility Exemptions

The following non-compliant websites contain noncompliant content that required significantly more staff and administrative resources to remediate than were available for the 2017–19 web migration. These sites are now being addressed.