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Web Services

Manual Accessibility Testing

Web Services does manual testing of selected campus web pages twice a year. Manual evaluation tests are based on CSU-provided templates and include the following test types:

  • Accessibility Statement
  • Keyboard Operable
  • Keyboard Traps
  • Tab Order
  • Visible Focus
  • Scrolling Content
  • Resize Screen 400%
  • Link Text
  • Page Title
  • Document Language
  • Headers
  • Data Tables
  • Table Used for Layout
  • Abbreviations Used on Page
  • Descriptive Alt Text
  • Video Captions
  • Color Contrast
  • Source Code Same as Page Layout
  • Form Fields (understandable error messages)
  • Pop-ups Blocking Content
  • Consistency of Navigation/Content Consistency

Web Services also does a limited test of screen reader compatibility using ChromeVox--and also works with the Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS) to do detailed screen reader tests of selected pages. We inform owners of non-Cascade sites about identified issues by email.

Manual testing is very time-consuming, so Web Services focuses efforts on the pages that have the largest audience and most impact on access to services. We currently test the following:

  • CSU, Chico home page
  • Academics (campus secondary page)
  • Admissions
  • Accessibility Resource Center
  • Campus Calendar
  • Career Center
  • College of Communication & Education
  • Course Catalog
  • College of Engineering & Computer Science
  • Directory
  • Financial Aid
  • Google (student email info page)
  • Housing
  • Institutional Research Fact Book
  • Library
  • Portal
  • Class Schedule
  • Support Ticket
  • Tableau Dashboard 

Web Services is happy to assist other campus departments in learning how to do manual testing of their websites. Please submit an Accessibility Report ticket to get started.