Web Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3.0 a redesign?

No. It is a modular upgrade to our web framework that is more flexible and easier to maintain over time. It will continue to evolve, changing in response to audience needs, new accessibility and security requirements, and University goals.

How do I get a 3.0 site?

Use our ticket system to request your site migration(opens in new window). Web Services will contact you about a timeline and schedule a meeting. We have many clients on the waiting list and are currently prioritizing high-traffic sites such as college and division sites. Find more information about how we prioritize requests on our 3.0 Migration Priorities page.

Will my new site still be in the Cascade web content management system?

Yes. While 3.0 sites are on a new campus server, they are still in Cascade. To update them, you will go to a new URL (wcms.csuchico.edu) and use Hannon Hill's latest version of Cascade (8). The changes in 3.0 and Cascade 8 give content maintainers much more power to customize their sites--and the system is structured differently, so you will need to take another Cascade training course to make updates.

How much does it cost?

Web Services provides a basic site migration no charge to most campus departments. If you'll want us to begin working on your site by jumping in front of the line there is a charge.

How long will it take?

We can build your site in several hours! A full site can be built within several hours! However, each site must go through a pipeline to determine when your site migration will begin.

Clients who provide a clear site structure to us and choose to migrate their site content themselves can have a 3.0 website within several weeks of their initial meeting with Web Services.

Clients newly added to the waiting list who prefer Web Services to do the work of migration will be in the queue for several months before we can start work.

Custom sites typically take a year and cost $5,000-8,000.

Find more information about how we prioritize requests on our 3.0 Migration Priorities page.

What is the process, and how can I make it go smoothly?

A site migration is a lot of work! Getting your site ready now will make your migration go much more quickly when we are ready to build. More information regarding this process and how you can help can be found at Our Process.