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Web Services

The Migration Project

In summer 2017, Web Services began migrating nearly 400 campus websites into the Campus Web 3.0 web framework for the domain. The 3.0 web framework offers the following:

Accessible for All

A large part of our migration process involves remediating sites for accessibility issues, and all 3.0 sites are regularly scanned to ensure we keep up!

Responsive Design

The Campus Web 3.0 framework is mobile-responsive, so you won't miss out—no matter where you are!

Visual Upgrade

A softer color scheme, easier-to-read fonts, and semi-customizable setup makes 3.0 sites as beautiful as ever.

Better User Experience

We carefully analyzed the needs of our users to offer a more consistent, understandable, and user-friendly experience.

Improved Security

Moving sites into the campus web serves as a checkpoint for security, and all sites are scanned regularly for compliance.

Improved Efficiency

The 3.0 framework allows site maintainers create their own custom site elements—and Web Services to build sites 94% faster.