Web Services


Once we left the testing phase at the start of fall semester 2017, Web Services created a four-tier system of prioritizing the remaining 350 site migration projects:

Level 1: Priority Sites

We focus our efforts and resources on the campus's high-impact sites. They include college and division websites; sites with a direct impact on student success, campus safety, or major campus initiatives; and sites with high numbers of visitors and pageviews. Sites not currently in Cascade that have significant security or accessibility issues are also prioritized.

Level 2: Self-Migrated Content

Offices and departments that choose to do their content migration themselves after Cascade Training for 3.0 Sites — Beginner are provided with a new website soon after submitting a clear site structure. Content maintainers who work on self-migrations will receive free training and support throughout the process.

Level 3: Basic Site Migration

Offices and departments requesting a basic site migration are added to our waiting list. This list is prioritized by date of request, site impact as determined by analytics, and

Level 4: Semicustom & Custom Sites