Web Services

Campus Web Search Changes

August 9, 2018

CSU, Chico's main website (www.csuchico.edu) has recently transitioned to a new search appliance, SearchBlox. This is the CSU-provided replacement for Google Search Appliance (GSA), a service no longer supported by Google. The SearchBlox solution works differently than Google, so users may see changes in search functionality.

Campus search is still in a transition phase, and while we do not have full administrative control over the GSA replacement, we can tweak results to work better for CSU, Chico users. We are working with the vendor and the Chancellor's Office, and we depend on user feedback to improve search result relevance. Please share your thoughts about SearchBlox via a Website Suggestion ticket so we can provide the best possible search on our campus website.

Campus site owners can also boost search ratings in SearchBlox (and Google) by paying attention to SEO when creating page content. If your office would like further information about SEO on your www.csuchico.edu site, submit an Other Website Service ticket to CMT Web Services.

For tips on using search, see our Help page.