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Sitewide Changes to csuchico.edu

September 24, 2020

The new CSU, Chico homepage is scheduled for launch on Wednesday, September 30, 2020. Additional changes are happening to all subsites under the www.csuchico.edu domain.

Changes to All Subsites, Starting 9/30/2020

Background Image

Old: Kendall Hall arches image with brownish/red color.
New: Solid, light grey color.

Left-Aligned Breadcrumbs

Old: Right-aligned above the content of every page.
New: Left-aligned above the content of every page.

Increased Font Sizes

Old: Font sizes:
H1 44px
H2 27px
H3 23px
H4 19px
H5 16px
P 14px

New: Font sizes:
H1 48px
H2 36px
H3 30px
H4 24px
H5 20px
P 16px

Larger Banner Images

Old: 1024px wide on desktop.
New: 1280px wide on desktop.
Web Services will be updating any banner images that need their size increased.

Action Items for Site Maintainers

There are no specific action items for site maintainers at this time. While we did our best to troubleshoot items before they occur, the style changes listed above may result in some unexpected errors.

Report a Website Error

If you discover something on your site that doesn’t seem right and you think it’s associated with the recent changes, please submit a support ticket with Web Services and we will look into it as soon as possible.

Please wait until October 5th to report any errors. Sometimes items will be in the process of publishing or getting fixed during the launch window. 

Report a Website Error

Homepage Refresh Project

Learn more about changes to the homepage and high level campus pages at: Homepage Refresh Project.