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Web Services

Campus Home Page Migration

August 13, 2018

Campus web users may notice that the Big Picture at the top of the university home page will look a little different in September 2018. These slight visual changes are a result of the bigger back-end change of moving campus pages to our 3.0 framework.

The Big Picture was tweaked slightly in the process to increase usability for users with visual, mobility, and attentional barriers to access. In addition, a taller photographic image with room for a longer caption brings the home page slightly more in line what prospective students say they want in a college website—clear, concise text and photographic content. The new size also gives us the freedom to showcase much more of our campus photographers' talent.

The main campus web pages are co-managed by Web Services and University Communications. Please submit a ticket(opens in new window) if you have any any questions or concerns.