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This is your handy-dandy guide

This page has samples of all the elements that you have access to use as a standard 3.0 user. If you need assistance utilizing anything on this page just give us a shout or better yet, submit a ticket. We are more than happy to help you with getting content on your page. 


University Fonts

The campus web uses Source San Pro as the standard font for all pages. If you are in need of further guidance the standard fonts used by CSU, Chico are:

  • Source Sans Pro
  • Garamond
  • Optima
  • Bodoni
Default Card Style

This is what card looks like on the page if you leave all defaults in place. There is no solid header style, or footer content. 

Card Content Sample

This card content style is in the primary content and has a black solid header and square corners with no image or footer. 

Blue Content Card

This card content area has a clear header and the blue radio button selected. Also, rounded corners are selected.

Red Content Header

This card content area is has red selected with a clear header style and rounded corners. 

More Blue

This card content area has blue selected and header style set to solid.

Tan Card Style

This card has a solid header style chosen and square corners.