Web Services

Accessibility Assistance

Our Responsibility

To provide everyone in the campus community equal access to the Campus Web—and reduce CSU, Chico's vulnerability to lawsuits related to accessibility—Web Services strictly enforces federal and CSU Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) requirements for items posted on the campus web.

Our Plan

In addition to working closely with other areas across campus on CSU ATI compliance, Web Services has created a plan for campus web accessibility that covers sites within the www.csuchico.edu domain only.

Your Responsibility

Campus website owners and maintainers are responsible for the content accessibility of their sites, as stated in the Campus Web Site-Maintainers Agreement. Web Services is here to make it as easy as possible. See our Web Accessibility Knowledge Base for accessibility resources, and submit an Accessible Content ticket for remediation help, Siteimprove scanning software access, or other requests.

For more information about how to communicate effectively to a wide audience on behalf of the University, see the University Style Guide. This online guide covers the University's visual identity and branding, video and photo, social media, web writing, and more.