Web Services

Cascade Training

Cascade Server is a web content management system that provides a CSU, Chico-branded and easy-to-update framework for your office or department site. Cascade training takes about three hours and is required before you can edit campus websites. We offer Cascade Server Training for users in the old campus template (2.0)  and Cascade Training for 3.0 Site Editors for content maintainers of sites that have migrated to Campus Web 3.0. 

To sign up for training, log in to the Development & Training System with your campus credentials and select “Schedule.” Click on your preferred course in the calendar to enroll.

If you are having trouble registering for the course or are not sure which training you need, please submit an Other Cascade Server issue ticket.

Example of site requiring Cascade Training for 3.0 Site Editors -- Basic
example of a 3.0 website
Example of site requiring Cascade Server Training
Example of website in Cascade 2.0

Content Creators Agreement

All campus web content owners and maintainers agree to follow the guidelines in the Campus Web Site-Maintainers Agreement. This includes creating a consistent web experience across all campus sites as well as a commitment to creating accessible content for all users.