Web Services

Content Update Service

Although websites are easy to update in the Cascade Server web content management system, some departments prefer help from Web Services.


Simple content updates are done by student assistants at a rate of $18/hour, billed in 15-minute increments with a minimum yearly charge of one hour. While some clients pay as much as $600/year for heavy usage of our update service, the average client pays less than $50.

More complex updates may require staff time and will be charged at a higher rate. Web Services also offers a selection of site upgrade options for a fixed cost.


Updates are typically completed within two to five business days, although larger jobs or update requests submitted during academic breaks may take longer.


Become a client by sending a CAF to Anna Harris at zip 005. Put “/SITE updates” in the “work to be performed” section. You can include an approved maximum or leave the CAF open.

Request your update(opens in new window) via our ticket system. Once we have received your charge authorization, we can get started on your updates.

Content Quality

Disability support and accommodation is a significant component of the CSU’s academic mission. We are required to be in continual compliance with the federal and state disability laws. For this reason, we cannot upload inaccessible content to any campus website—this includes inaccessible PDFs and Word documents, uncaptioned videos, or graphics with insufficient contrast, among other things. If you need help with web accessibility, you can see our Accessibility Assistance section.

Your content must meet the standards within the Campus Web Site-Maintainers Agreement. Web Services may edit your content to adhere to University style.

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