Web Services

Site Add-Ons & Special Features

All site upgrades and customizations are subject to approval by the Web and Web App Content Review Subcommittee. They must conform to University branding standards, web best practices, and web accessibility requirements (WCAG 2.0 AA).

Submit your Site Add-Ons and Special Features ticket through our online service catalog. Web Services will schedule a consultation with you to discuss your project as necessary. CAFs can be sent to Jose Diaz at zip 005.

All staff work requires a CAF on file. Custom work $57.45/hour state, $84.64/hour aux.

*Represents upgrades that site maintainers can do themselves with Cascade training.

Special Pages

Site Framework Change:

Remove banner, department footer, or other standard elements. Requests must comply with Campus Web best practices.

Protected Pages:

Add authentication requirement so users need to log in with their campus credentials to access content.

Web Page Banners

Plan for regular maintenance costs for banner elements: These features should be refreshed regularly to avoid stale pages.

Banner photo refresh:

Your choice of three options from our campus photography portfolio. Web Services edits, crops, and publishes your preferred image.

Custom Banner Design:

Our staff web designers will create a custom visual for your home page banner. See the College of Humanities and Fine Arts as an example.

Photography refresh

Photo selection:

Our staff experts in visual design will select new, non-banner images from our campus photography portfolio to give your site a visual upgrade.

Web Page Elements

Embedded Video:

The video must be available in a campus MediaSpace gallery and properly captioned.

Custom Button:

Add a call to action like a "Give Now" button, a highlighted link to your events calendar, or another button to your website or a single page.

Social Media Button:

Link to your social media accounts via a platform-branded icon on one or more pages of your website.

Social Media Feed:

Display your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feed on your site through a Cascade widget. Recommended for regularly updated social accounts only.

Accordion Menu:

Improve user experience by using on-page drop-downs to reveal additional content on very long or complex web pages that would require extensive scrolling. (NOTE: Information nested within accordion menu dropdowns can not be found using a web browser's Find on Page feature.)

Interest/Feedback Form:

We can create informational forms (such as email newsletter sign-ups) only. If you need to collect payment information or other Level 1 or 2 data, register event attendees, or do other more complex functions, ask us—we'll make sure you get the help you need from other areas on campus.

Widget Implementation:

Are you unsure how to use Cascade 3.0's advanced options? Web Services can help you implement cards, stories, people pages, events, announcements, buttons, or other content across your site or on selected pages.

Photo Gallery:

Display a collection of photos with a thumbnail list of up to 20 photos. Once a photo thumbnail is clicked, an interactive full screen display focuses users on individual photos and allows them to easily swipe or click to the next photo in the gallery.

Online Forms:

Web Services can simplify the way you receive feedback from users with an online form. Forms are created to have a written and/or multiple choice submission. Forms are created with the Data Classification and Protection Standards (PDF) and are subject to review by Information Security(opens in new window).

Other Items

We prioritize feature development based on impact on site usability and impact on student enrollment and success. If you have an idea for something not on this list, let us know by submitting a Site Add-Ons & Special Features ticket.

Site Maintainer Support

Personalized Training:

Need extra help with Cascade or Siteimprove? First, check out our Website Design & Support Knowledge Base and video tutorial collection (requires log-in with your campus credentials) and come to our open lab (see current hours in the Our Office section of this webpage).

Still stuck? We'll send a Web Services staff member to your office to give you the support you need.

Advanced Analytics:

Every 3.0 site owner and maintainer gets access to Google Analytics. If you have not received access, let us know by submitting a Site Analytics ticket.

If you are looking for more analytics for your 3.0 site, you can submit a Site Analytics ticket, and we'll give you a quote for advanced analytics information.

Site Structure Analysis:

Is your website serving your audience well? Can users find what they are looking for? Are you putting your best foot forward on desktop AND mobile? Web Services can help improve your site by suggesting ways to streamline your navigation menu and highlight your most important content using 3.0 features.