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User Testing and Research

Learn about the user research activities and services at Chico State.

Upcoming Studies

Prospective Student Interviews

Participant Pool | Target # - 10 students
Local high school students.


  • attitudinal discovery - what do people think about Chico State?
  • value prop prioritization - what Chico State differentiators do more people need to see?
  • relationship building - connect with campus groups who can help recruit representative users from our target audiences.

Target Completion Date: March 2023

Prospective Student

Financial Aid Nav Tree Tests

Participant Pool | Target # - 50 students
A mix of current and prospective students.


  • benchmark the navigation - create a comparison metric to gauge the success of future navigation changes.
  • evaluate tree testing - is this research methodology worth adopting as standard practice?

Target Completion Date: Feb/Mar 2023

Tree Testing

Research Methods

hand holding cell phone

Usability Tests - Using a computer or phone, participants interact with design prototypes by following written instructions.

laptop computer

Tree Tests - Participants are asked to find specific pages within a navigation menu that is isolated from other visual parts of a website.

person writing on notepad

Interviews - A question and answer session with people from the target audience. A great way to gather qualitative insights.

student using laptop computer

Visual Affordance Tests - with only brief glance of 3-5 seconds, participants must describe the page they just saw and the content's purpose.


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