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Women in STEM (WIS) is an interdisciplinary organization that seeks to create community building opportunities for women faculty, staff, and students at California State University Chico in Chico, CA. WIS was founded in the Fall of 2017 through the College of Natural Sciences.

Moreover, WIS has three main objectives:

  1. Celebrate who we are as women in STEM.
  2. Broaden our collective understanding of what we do.
  3. Support and inspire the current and next generation of women in STEM fields.

Women in STEM activities and membership are open to all members of the CSU Chico community, regardless of gender, who are committed to the organization’s mission and focus. Participants have come from College of Natural Sciences, College of Engineering, and the Departments of Computer Science and Construction Management.

Women in STEM Research at CSU, Chico

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Dr. Rachel Teasdale (ERTH) and students in the GEOS 499 course look from Pu’u Huluhulu to the vent and flows of the Maunaulu, Hawai’i.
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The So Lab leverages chemical intuition to tackle sustainability challenges. One of our projects focuses on understanding and improving nanomaterials for water decontamination. The photo shows Dr. So and undergraduate researcher (Celia Todd) testing new "nanosponges" as replacements for activated carbon in Brita filters for water purification.
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Dr. Rachel Teasdale looks at rocks exposed in the interior of ancient Mt. Yana- an ancient volcano of the ancestral Cascades, near Chico, CA.
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Dr. Rachel Teasdale and student examine lava flows from the 2018 eruption of Kīlauea, Hawai’i.
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Dr. Lisa White and Dr. Deb Larson speak to WIS Luncheon attendees.
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