Updated 5/17/2013



Graham Thurgood

(Ph. D. UC Berkeley, 1976)



Southeast Asian languages, particularly Tibeto-Burman, Tai-Kadai, and Chamic groups (historical syntax, subgrouping, evidentiality, tones and registers, and language contact); SEA papers (see also the list in the CV below)

Endangered languages. Much of the work on SEA languages is on minority languages, many of which are seriously endangered (e.g. most currently, Hainan Cham (often Angelicized as Tsat (Chamic, Austronesian)), Anong (Nungish), Tibeto-Burman, and Sino-Tibetan. 

General linguistics, discourse and syntax, sometimes with particular interest in relevance to teaching and second language acquisition; English Sounds: English Sounds, pdf, see also General papers

Second Language Acquisition and TESOL, primary focus on teacher training, particularly materials adaptation and development, methods and methodology, and teaching of grammar (see TESOL Materials, above; for TESOL/EFL papers, see General papers, above)

I continue to put my papers here for downloading. In addition, a paper is sometimes listed next to a comment, usually one that points out a flaw in the paper or at least something that could be improved upon. Slowly various papers will be added.


CV [A list of papers. If you want something not posted here already, tell me and I will try to get it to you and/or post it and tell you.]