1998 Hall of Fame Inductee

Basketball - 1963-64, 1964-65

Bill Treglown worked very hard during his years at Chico State to develop his skills both academically and athletically. He was always willing to put in the time and effort to make any activity an enjoyable experience fore his peers and teammates. He was continually willing to accept a leadership role when others needed direction. His demeanor both on and off the court was a fine example for the younger players on the team.

Since graduating from Chico State, Bill has continued to make an impression on his colleagues as well as his players. His work ethic has provided an opportunity for many young people to develop not only basketball skills, but life skills as well. His leadership qualities have made him a valuable asset to the community, school, and athletic program. Bill's success as a person, teacher, and coach can only be attributed to his professionalism in dealing with other people. For the past 29 years Bill has been an instructor/coach at College of the Redwoods, where in 1995 he was honored as Instructor of the Year.

In essence, Bill has accomplished a goal that many people only hope to achieve. He has recognized his talents as a teacher and coach, worked hard to develop those talents, and has utilized those talents to help others become successful.