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Entourage IconEntourage IMAP Configuration

This document details how to setup a WildcatMail account for access using IMAP in Entourage.

  1. Enable IMAP using the Web interface
    If you have not done so already, Enable IMAP for WildcatMail before setting up IMAP access in Entourage.
  2. Set your IMAP password
    If you haven't used IMAP with your WildcatMail power by Google you'll need to set your IMAP password.
  3. Open Microsoft Entourage
    HD > Applications > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Entourage
    If Entourage asks you to setup your account, close that window by pressing cancel or the red button in the upper left hand corner.
  4. Open Account Settings
    Go to Entourage at the top of the screen, then to Account Settings. Click on the New button to create a new account.

    Entourage Accounts Window
  5. Enter your basic account information
    If the user has already created an email account, they could be prompted which type of email account they are creating.  The type of account created is an IMAP account.

    If the user has not yet created an Entourage email account on their computer, they will enter the Account Setup Assistant.  Enter your WildcatMail address. Do not select the My account is on an Exchange server checkbox.  Click on the right arrow to continue.

    Set Up a Mail Account

    Exchange may warn you that you should check the My account is on an Exchange server box.  Ignore this warning.

    Automatic Configuration Failed

  6. Enter Account Settings
    As shown below enter the account details as shown below.
    • In the Account Name slot, fill out what name you wish the account to have.  Enter the following information about incoming and outgoing server names shown below.
    • In the 'Account ID' field, input your full email address including @mail.csuchico.edu

    Edit Account Settings

  7. Change advanced receiving options
    Click Click here for advanced receiving options.
    • Check the box marked: This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL).  This should change the Override default IMAP port to 993.  Change manually if this does not occur automatically.

      IMAP Service Settings

    • Hit enter or return when complete
  8. Change advanced sending options
    Click Click here for advanced sending options.
    • Check the box first three boxes
    • Change the Override default SMTP port to 587

    SMTP Service Settings

    Hit enter or return when complete.
  9. Click OK
    Entourage may take a while to receive all of your mail from your account.  You can prompt it by hitting the Send & Receive mail button.