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Geologic Map Index to United States Geological Survey
7.5' and 15' Quadrangles of California

This index covers the detailed geologic maps of California which are distributed among the fourteen irregular issued map and monograph series published by the United States Geological Survey. This index was created and is maintained by Joe Crotts, California State University, Chico, Meriam Library. The index correlates U.S.G.S. geologic maps of California with 7.5' and 15' topographic quadrangles. Maps having scales of 1:125,000 and larger are included in the index.

The index is alphabetical by quadrangle name, with 7.5' quadrangles preceding identically named 15' quadrangles. Click on the first letter of the quadrangle name to access quadrangles with names beginning with that letter. Information provided for each quadrangle are: series name and number of each report containing a geologic map of that quadrangle or portion of it, the extent of coverage of the area, and the scale for those maps made after 1981. 

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NOTE: The indexes are PDF files, requiring the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader

When reading the the description of the area coverage for each report, the following abbreviations are used:

E east, east of NW northwest SW southwest
E. East R range T township
L. Lake R. River V. Valley
N north, north of S. South W west, west of
N. North S south, south of W. West
NE northeast SE southeast    

The fourteen U.S.G.S. series containing geologic maps of California are held either in Meriam Library's Map Collection or in Government Documents.

You will find the following in the Map Collection:

GF     Geologic Folio
GP     Geophysical Investigations
GQ     Geologic Quadrangle
I      Miscellaneous Geologic Investigations
MF     Mineral Investigations Field Studies
OM     Oil and Gas Map
HA     Hydorlogic Investigations
MR     Mineral Investigation
C      Coal Investigations
OC     Oil and Gas Investigation
SIM    Scientific Investigations Map

You will find the following in Government Documents:

Code Description SuDoc#
B Bulletin I 19.3: (number)
OF Open-file Report I 19.76: (number)
P Professional Paper I 19.16: (number)
SIR Scientific Investigations Report I 19.42/4 (number)
W Water-supply Paper I 19.13 (number)

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