Office of Tribal Relations

Land Acknowledgement

Indigenous voices have in the past gone unrecognized and under-represented in our academic community and nation. The Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria has requested that written acknowledgements of gratitude represent their continued presence in our community and relationships with Chico State accurately and in words approved by the tribal council.

As such, the University endorses the use of Mechoopda Indian Tribal Council-approved language for University publications, media, course syllabi (if faculty choose to include any acknowledgement), and other written contexts. 

We also encourage meeting organizers and faculty to utilize spoken acknowledgements of the Mechoopda at public gatherings whenever they are so moved.

Written Acknowledgements

Primary version

We acknowledge and are mindful that Chico State stands on lands that were originally occupied by the first people of this area, the Mechoopda, and we recognize their distinctive spiritual relationship with this land, the flora, the fauna, and the waters that run through campus.

We are humbled that our campus resides upon sacred lands that since time immemorial have sustained the Mechoopda people and continue to do so today.

Syllabus option

We are meeting on the traditional lands of the Mechoopda people. Without them, we would not have access to this campus or our education.

Event Acknowledgement

We would like to thank the Mechoopda on whose traditional lands this event is taking place. Without their support and continued positive presence in our community, we would be unable to forward the cultural and educational work that is at the heart of this event.