Accessible Technology Initiative

Web Accessibility Statement

CSU, Chico is committed to ensuring that the campus web is accessible to everyone. As a community, we work together to address the usability and accessibility of the websites contained within our web environment.

Our goal is that all campus websites meet the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 AA). All campus and community members play a part in creating accessible, usable information.

Campus Web Accessibility Statement

Web Services is continually working to create a more accessible framework for campus sites in the Cascade web content management system (WCMS). The framework has been built using code compliant with W3c standards for HTML and CSS.

The accessibility of the content within those sites is the responsibility of site owners and content maintainers. Neither campus users nor Web Services is permitted to upload inaccessible content to any campus website—this includes inaccessible PDFs and Word documents, uncaptioned videos, or graphics with insufficient contrast, among other things.

Cascade sites are automatically checked every month using Siteimprove, and reports are sent to website owners and content maintainers. Key web pages are manually checked every six months.

Sites outside of the Cascade WCMS are not provided by Web Services. The owners of these sites strive to adhere to the same guidelines and standards as the campus web.

We are dedicated to continual improvement. Please Report an Accessibility Issue if you experience any difficulty accessing the content on any CSU, Chico site.


For more information about the CSU system ATI Web Accessibility goals, visit the Chancellor’s Office Accessibility pages.(opens in new window)

For more information about making your Cascade site accessible, see our Web Accessibility(opens in new window) knowledge base.

For more resources and information about Web Services' accessibility efforts, visit the Accessibility section of our website.

On-Campus Assistance

On-campus users can request general assistance with making their Cascade sites more accessible or report accessibility issues that are encountered within University-affiliated websites via our Accessible Content Issue ticket(opens in new window).