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In-Kind Donations

Donation Guidelines

Gift materials are reviewed for retention based on criteria such as subject, age, condition, language, format and whether they duplicate current holdings.

Periodical or journal issues that are less than 15 years old may be useful in extended runs of 10 years or more. Personal gift subscriptions when the donor wants to read the issue first before sending to the library will not be accepted.

The library may decline to accept any materials that are not appropriate for the collections. All donated items become the permanent property of Chico State University, and the library assumes the responsibility of determining the retention, placement within the collection, cataloging treatment, and any other considerations relating to the use and disposition of the materials.

The following categories of material are usually not accepted:

Donations that are accepted but not added to the collections will be sold to support library collections, sent to a non-profit corporation that provides books to libraries at low cost or recycled with a recognized recycler.

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