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Information for Chico Online & Distance Education Students Requesting Materials from the Meriam Library

The Meriam Library will provide books and articles to students who live over 40 miles from campus, are currently enrolled in a Chico Distance & Online Education class, and not attending any other courses on campus.

What Materials Can I Have Delivered?

- Articles from journals owned by the Meriam Library that are not available electronically;
- Circulating books found in the Meriam Library Catalog.

How Long Does It Take?

There are variables, but allow at least a week to receive the material.

How Much Does It Cost?

- Articles are free;
- Books - You are responsible for the cost of returning the material via a method that is traceable (U.P.S. or U.S. Mail with delivery confirmation, etc.);
- You are responsible for overdue, loss or damage charges incurred as a result of the request.

What Is Generally Not Available?

- Books from other libraries. Use your local public library's Interlibrary Services.
- Whole issues/volumes of journals
- Audio-visual (films, cassettes, videos, DVDs, compact discs)
- Maps and atlases
- Software and CD ROMs
- Rare, fragile, and special collection books
- Reference books
- Material that is on Reserve
- Anything with the status of "Library Use Only"

How Do I Request Materials?

- Register online with the Interlibrary Services system, and be sure that you indicate your status as a Distant Undergraduate or Distant Graduate student.
- Fill out one form for each book or article.
- Notification of unfilled requests will be via email with an explanation.

How Do I Get My Articles?

- Articles will be a PDF, accessed through the your Interlibrary Services account. Adobe Acrobat is needed.
- An email will be sent when the article is available. You may also check your Interlibrary Services account at any time.

How Do I Get My Book(s)?

- Books will be checked out to your Meriam Library circulation account.
- The book will be sent via a method that is traceable, (U.P.S. or U.S. Mail with delivery confirmation, etc.)

How Long Can I Keep My Book(s)?

- Leave the strap on at all times.
- The loan is for 3 weeks, non-renewable, starting on the day the material is received. The book is checked out to the student's circulation account for 6 weeks, allowing 10 days for shipping each way.
- Overdue charges will begin after the 6th week from the date the book was checked out.
- You are liable for overdue, loss or damage charges incurred as a result of the request.
- Failure to comply with these procedures may result in university services and library privileges being withheld.

Can I Renew Books?

Renewals are not available.


- Plan ahead! Identify the books and articles you need for your papers and projects as soon as possible so that you will have enough time to submit requests.
- Do not use abbreviations. A librarian can assist you if you are unable to identify the periodical abbreviations.
- When filling out the forms, give the most complete information you can for each item. Use the NOTES field to provide additional information.

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