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Information for Chico Online & Distance Education Students Requesting Materials from the Meriam Library

The Meriam Library will provide books and articles to students who live over 40 miles from campus and are currently enrolled in a Chico Distance & Online Education class and not attending any other courses on campus.

What Materials Can I Have Delivered?

- Articles from journals owned by the Meriam Library that are not available electronically;
- Circulating books found in the Meriam Library Catalog.

How Long Does It Take?

There are variables, but allow at least a week to receive the material.

How Much Does It Cost?

- Articles are free;
- Books - You are responsible for the cost of returning the material via a method that is traceable (U.P.S. or U.S. Mail with delivery confirmation, etc.);
- You are responsible for overdue, loss or damage charges incurred as a result of the request.

What Is Generally Not Available?

- Books from other libraries. Use your local public library's Interlibrary Services.
- Whole issues/volumes of journals;
- Audio-visual (films, cassettes, videos, compact discs)
- Maps and atlases
- Software and CD ROMs
- Rare, fragile, and special collection books
- Reference books
- Material that is on Reserve
- Anything with the status of "Library Use Only".

How Do I Request Materials?

- Register online with the Interlibrary Services system, and be sure that you indicate your status as a Distant Undergraduate or Distant Graduate student.
- Fill out one form for each book or article.
- Notification of unfilled requests will be via e-mail with an explanation.

How Do I Get My Articles?

- Articles will be a PDF, accessed through the your Interlibrary Services account. Adobe Acrobat is needed.
- An e-mail will be sent when the article is available. You may also check your Interlibrary Services account at any time.

How Do I Get My Book(s)?

- Books will be checked out to your Meriam Library circulation account.
- The book will be sent via a method that is traceable, (U.P.S. or U.S. Mail with delivery confirmation, etc.)

How Long Can I Keep My Book(s)?

- Leave the strap on at all times.
- The loan is for three (3) weeks, non-renewable, starting on the day the material is received. The book is checked out to the student's circulation account for six weeks, allowing ten days for shipping each way.
- Overdue charges will begin after the sixth week from the date the book was checked out.
- You are liable for overdue, loss or damage charges incurred as a result of the request.
- Failure to comply with these procedures may result in university services and library privileges being withheld.


Renewals are not available.


- Plan ahead! Identify the books and articles you need for your papers and projects as soon as possible so that you will have enough time to submit requests.
- Do not use abbreviations. A librarian can assist you if you are unable to identify the periodical abbreviations.
- When filling out the forms, give the most complete information you can for each item. Use the NOTES field to provide additional information.

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