Computers, Printing, & Photocopying

Are There Computers In the Library I Can Use?

There are three computer labs in the library, as well as computers scattered throughout the building for quick lookups. The labs are located on the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and 4th floor. The first floor lab hours may vary from the library's. Most computers require you to logon using your campus Portal ID and password. There are three public computers that don’t require a logon in the 2nd floor lab.

The library also has laptops available for checkout to CSU, Chico students, faculty and staff at the Circulation counter on the 1st floor. More information.

Do You Have Macs As Well as PC Computers?

Yes the 1st Floor Lab has some Macintosh Computers. For a complete list of equipment in the Meriam Library computer labs on the 1st and 4th floor, check here. The 2nd floor lab is PC only.

What Software Is Available on the Library Computers?

For information about available software on the 1st and 4th floor computers go to the Computer Labs Software page. The computers in the 2nd floor lab have Internet access, as well as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

Can I Print From the Library Computers?

Computers in the Library Labs print to a networked print center in the area. The cost is .10 cents per page. To print from the lab computers you will need to have money on your Wildcat Card.

How Do I Add Money To My Wildcat Card?

There are two cash value terminals in the library where you can put money on your card, one in the lab on the 1st floor and the other on the 2nd floor to the left of the Copy Center door.

Money may also be added to your Wildcat ID card using the GET app at, more information.

Is There Free Wireless Access?

Yes! Wireless connectivity is available on all floors of the library. Access information can be found here.

Can I Print From My Laptop?

Yes! Instructions on how to print from your laptop to library printers can be found here.

Can I Make Photocopies?

There are photocopy machines in the Rapid Graphics Copy Center on the 2nd floor. There are additional photocopy machines on the 1st , 2nd, and 3rd floors. The Rapid Graphics Copy Center, and one of the photocopy machines on the 2nd floor, accept cash/coins but the other machines require a Wildcat Card with value added.

Where Can I Make Color Copies and Printouts?

You can print or make color photocopies in the Rapid Graphics Copy Center. The 1st floor computer lab also has a color printer for .27 cents per copy.

Can I Print Or Make Photocopies If I Don’t Have a Wildcat Card?

Yes. The Rapid Graphics Copy Center on the 2nd floor of the library takes cash and has photocopy machines and computers you can use for quick lookups in order to print off articles or Web pages. You can also purchase a guest card for $1.00 at one of the cash value terminals, and add value to it for printing and photocopying.

Where Can I Make a Transparency?

The Rapid Graphics Copy Center on the 2nd floor of the library has copiers that will make transparencies. Please do not try to use any of the other copiers for this purpose.

Where Can I Send a FAX?

The Rapid Graphics Copy Center on the 2nd floor allows you to send and receive Fax (no international). The cost is $1.00 for the first page and .50 cents for additional pages. There is a price break for more than 5 pages.

Are There Any Scanners In the Library?

There are scanners available in the 1st Floor Lab and in the Rapid Graphics Copy Center on the 2nd floor.

Also on the 2nd floor is the Scannx Book ScanCenter which offers free self-service document scanning. Use a touchscreen interface to scan books and documents into searchable PDF, Word doc, JPEG, TIFF or PNG files. Files can be sent to email, Dropbox, USB flashdrive, smartphone or to a fee based Library GoPrint system printer.

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