GET Funds

What Is GET Funds?

GET is a web interface application for students and relatives of the student to add currency to the students Wildcat Card. 

The funds added to the card can allow the student to make many types of purchases with their Wildcat Card. 

get screenshot


GET allows relatives to add funds for their student without needing to send money or do other complicated processes.

The relative just needs to know the StudentID and Birth Date of the student and that relative can add money to the students Wildcat Card with a few clicks.

get 2 screenshot

GET allows students to ask people for funds, the student just needs an email address and he/she is able to send an email that will provide a web address where the requested individual has the OPTION of supplying funds on the card.


GET is a space where students can indicate that their card was either lost or stolen.  In the event that their card was lost or stolen the student should visit the Wildcat Card Office in Meriam Library RM 142 during normal business hours to have their card replaced (fee required).

get screenshot

What does GET Funds do that ID Card Manager does not?

GET Funds allows students to add funds to their Wildcat Cards.  ID Card Manager does not allow this function.

Is there a mobile app?

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