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Kaltura Video

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is a media toolkit used to create, upload, and share media within Blackboard Learn. To get started click on the My Media Module located on the Blackboard Learn home page on the right.

These tools available are:

  • My Media (a personal/private media storage area)
  • Media Upload (a way to upload media to My Media and share in Blackboard Learn)
  • Webcam Recording (a easy way to record from Webcam)

Kaltura is a helpful tool because it works easily from any browser (no Adobe Flash required), easy adjustment of microphone and camera settings, and an easy re-record option.

In the top right corner of the My Media Module you will see the Add New button

add new button in the top right corner of the my media module with the options Media upload, webcam recorder, YouTube, Kaltura Capture

Media Upload is the best option if you prefer using your mobile device to record and upload videos. This will allow you to drag and drop files from your drive that will upload directly to Kaltura.

The Webcam Recorder is a built in camera that will directly record your audio and video feed to Kaltura.

The YouTube option allows you to copy and paste any link directly from YouTube to your Kaltura account.

Kaltura Capture and Video Quiz are typically management tools for instructors. 

How to upload Kaltura Media to Blackboard Assignment/Blog/Journal Entry (Google Doc)

Here are some more instructions and tips on how to use Kaltura: