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Online Coursework Tips

Online courses may be a new experience for you, but don’t worry—here are some tips to help make this experience a positive one! Your courses will be the same, just with a different format.

Claim a Study Space

First, find a place to claim as your own study nook. This should be a place where you are comfortable, but can still remain alert. Avoid doing your coursework in bed!

Manage Distractions

Get rid of all distractions–physical and digital–and just have the resources that you need to study. Because the classes are going to happen through your computer, it may be easier to get distracted; however, there are some tools and Chrome extensions (StayFocusd, RescueTime, StayfocusD) that might help you manage your distractions and get through your coursework.

Stay Motivated

Do not underestimate the effort needed for online classes! Make sure you stay motivated and engaged in your online learning experience. Take your online classes as seriously as you would if they were held in person. The topics you study and readings and assignments you do are not busy work—they build upon your previously seen class material and are fair game for future assignments and exams. Self-determination is a key factor to success!

Communicate with Your Instructors

Apart from having to structure their classes online with little notice, professors also have a task to finish covering all the topics required for the class. Having good communication with them is very important. If you are confused or have suggestions, send them a polite email and be patient when waiting for a response.

Manage Your Time

With classes happening remotely, it is very important to find time to get things done. Schedule time for each class. Especially with the freedom that comes with online classes, now it is crucial to manage your time, utilize resources, and complete assignments. One way to help with this is to make a list of assignments and readings to do and keep track of due dates, progress and other important things as they come up. Try using a planner.

Ask for Help

This is a good time to use any resources available to you—especially if online coursework is new for you. Remember that you can reach out to your instructors and/or to the support desk via Keep Learning and we will be more than happy to assist. Please refer to the left-hand menu for further details on specific campus software.

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