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Advice for New Online Students - Leanne

Hi I'm Leanne Olvang, I'm 68 years old and a member of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, called OLLI at CSU, Chico. It's a program for seniors, you know, people like me, people who are old. Most of us of all ages are scrambling to figure out how to shelter in place without losing our ability to pursue our education and our interests. I first heard of Zoom technology on March 12th, and as of today, March 20th, I've recorded 4 history lectures. Was it easy to adopt to do Zoom teaching and learning? Did I do it perfectly the first time, or even the fourth time? Of course not, even with good online tutorials. But my audience knows that I'm going through a learning curve, and they accept my goofs and appreciate the content. Cultivating curiosity lets me experience the exhilaration of this roller coaster ride that we're all on. I hope you'll join me in this quest to continue learning, however we can make it happen.