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Online Learning Tips From Leslie

Advice for New Online Students - Leslie

Hi, my name is Leslie and I'm a senior at CSU, Chico. I've been an online student for about a year now and since we're all kind of in the same boat, I thought I'd share some tips with you on how I've made online learning a success. First of all, my first tip would be to set up a specific work study space. It doesn't have to be huge, but a desk or a spot at your table where your laptop, hopefully a printer, if you like to print out information, is available to you, and a really good internet connection. Next, I would say set up a weekly checklist for your assignments. I like to do mine on paper cause I'm kinda old school, but whatever way works for you, you need to set up a weekly checklist. Sometimes, professors don't upload things in Blackboard exactly according to the calendar. And so you might go into your Blackboard app and it might say, oh you have nothing due, when you actually do have something due. So go through each class-- I'm taking five classes. So I go through each class, I figure out what's due each week, and I just keep a running checklist, and I celebrate when I got to the end of it. Next, I would say stick to a schedule that allows enough time to finish online assignments. Sometimes an online class can take a lot longer than an in-person class. Simply because you're going through all the material alone. And so, it takes time to do all the reading and to figure out your writing assignments, and things like that. Even communicating with your professor can take time, because it's via email. Although you can use their office hours, which is useful as well. Next, I would say get exercise and rest your eyes, because they can get really tired looking at a screen. So take some time to get outside if you can, and go for a walk or just rest your eyes, look us something far away for a little while. And finally, I think one of the most challenging things about being an online student is staying motivated. Can be really difficult to keep up with your work, especially when you start to get a little overwhelmed. So some things that I do is I talk with family members that are supportive and friends. Maybe weekly set up a time to call a friend and talk about your classes, some of the challenges you're having, and brainstorm over ways to stay motivated. Good luck and I hope we can get through the rest of the semester as online students and keep everything in perspective, and realize that our education is really important, and we need to keep going and stay motivated. Thanks.