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Getting Started

What is Zoom?

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Zoom is an online video conferencing solution that is available to all faculty, students, and staff. Zoom can be used for virtual teaching, online office hours, group meetings, and more.

Where can I find Zoom?

You can log into your Zoom account(opens in new window) or install the app on Android or iOS for the mobile app (this may have limited features). 

Typically, instructors will provide a Zoom link to the class and once you open the link and select "join with computer audio," then you will be in the meeting.

What devices can I use Zoom on?

  • Laptop/computer (PC/Mac) -- recommended

  • Tablet (Apple iOS, Android)

  • Smart phone (Apple iOS, Android)

Hosting and Recording Zoom Meetings

Students can access Zoom through Blackboard Learn if their instructor adds the link. However, there may be times when students want to schedule, host, and record their own meetings, which can be done by logging into your Zoom account(opens in new window) and selecting "Host a Meeting".

NOTE: If you are working in a team, designate one team member to be in charge of scheduling, recording, and uploading the recording to Blackboard Learn. That person must complete the steps in this reference guide. 

Zoom Menu Options

Zoom menu options from left to right reading: mute/unmute, start/stop video, Invite, Manage Participants, Share Screen, Chat, Reactions, Record, End Meeting

  1. Mute: Silences and unsilences your microphone.
  2. Invite: Lets you bring more people into the meeting. This is only available if your instructor/meeting host provides those permissions.
  3. Share Screen: Allows you to share a variety of windows and applications. Participants can share views of their desktops and specific windows currently open on their computer, write on a digital whiteboard, and even share a screen directly from their iPhone or iPad.
  4. Chat: You can send messages to everyone in the meeting, the professor/meeting host, or a specific person.
  5. Record: If the host allows it, you can record and download as much of the meeting as you want.
  6. Leave Meeting: Click this when your meeting is done.
  7. More (on the Zoom app): Allows you to raise your hand, and other features.

Zoom Etiquette and On-Camera Tips

Video chatting in a professional setting is a new experience for many students. Here are some tips to help you look (and feel) like the most impressive Zoomer in the room.

  • Getting a clear video is important. Light your face more brightly than the background to make it easier to see you.
  • Hold your head high in the picture frame.
  • Be yourself. Move physically and make facial expressions.
  • Microphones pick up all ambient noise, so it may be a good idea to keep your microphone muted until it's your time to speak.
  • Remember that when on-camera, other activities such as eating, drinking, shuffling papers, etc. are extremely distracting (and sometimes inappropriate).
  • If you can't use video, upload a nice profile image of your face to your Zoom Account. Give your classmates something to look at while you speak.
  • Have fun!